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mi casa su casa

I’m a mama of two chicas who have inspired me beyond my wildest dreams. I’m a wife to a beautiful man who watches me do what I love to do because it makes me happy! I’m an artist and a crafter. 

I am inspired by my childhood memories and my I create from the heart. I love the sun, lemon in my ice tea, the colour red and birds (bird in Spanish is AVE hence the name).  A huge symbol of my childhood is a green parrot my ‘Abuelita Tonita’ had at home, her name is Lorenza and she is the the one I draw the most.

I wake up proud about my roots and my fruits so I want to share that in the shape of AVE is BIRD. Come celebrate the colour, the craft and the love with me.

I have handpicked a range of little Latin treasures to add some vibin’ Latin style to your life.

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‘mi casa su casa’ enjoy your stay!